Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchen builders

As outdoor kitchen builders, we have seen some pretty cool concepts come to life.  An outdoor kitchen can be a great way to add additional space to the home without a huge budget.  Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular as people are entertaining more and more these days.  While looking for additional space for entertaining, why not take to the deck?

As outdoor kitchen builders, we want your outdoor kitchen to be amazing and function exactly how you pictured.  We take the time to show you some of our ideas and see what you like before we ever take it to quote.  For example, do you cook?  Some people want an outdoor kitchen but really don’t like to cook.  So, we have put in a microwave for them to heat up their take out on the back deck.  Others love to cook via grill and want the biggest most badest grills on the market.  Some are more sensible and know they will only be grilling for 4 or less most nights and simply want a small grill with some burners.

Outdoor kitchens

From pizza ovens to full-on stoves and even a kegerator and margarita machine it can all be installed by your outdoor kitchen builders.  When it comes to outdoor kitchens, there is something for everyone.  Sure we can install a grill to that deck but you can do so much more with outdoor kitchens. We offer outdoor kitchen concepts as well as build-outs to our clients.

The material choices for outdoor kitchens are simply amazing.  There are so many ways to configure your outdoor kitchen that it can be a bit overwhelming.  As outdoor kitchen builders, we recommend that you take a minute and go online if you don’t already have an idea.  Look around at the various outdoor kitchen setups.  These can be other people’s outdoor kitchens, some you find on builder’s sites, home improvement stores, and more.  There are a lot of ways to build out an outdoor kitchen to meet your needs.

Decide how you will use the space.

Next, you need to decide what you are going to use this space for and how you like to cook.  Some people love the grill and can perform magic on it.  However, others would like a grill and a couple of burners for side dishes.  There are some that love ovens, to warm up bread to go with dinner.

Think about how you are going to use the space too.  Are you a person that has people over often?  Do you like to simply cook for your family but would like to get out of the kitchen more?

If you like to entertain then maybe you need an outdoor kitchen bar.  This could be stocked with a well, blender, a bar fridge, and can opener.  Putting together and the outdoor bar is simple and easy.  There can be bar stools and even an outdoor tv mounted to the home, for sports and game night.  The outdoor bar is a fun theme, especially if you have fun neighbors to share it with!

The outdoor kitchen patio is a wonderful way to add to the home’s living space without being inside the home.  Because this space doesn’t need walls or even a ceiling you save on a lot of costs.  It has to have a bit of a foundation, but nothing like that of a home’s structure, which is more added cost savings.  This is a great way to add a new hang out area to the home without breaking the budget.

Create the perfect kitchen for you.

The kitchen is the center of entertainment.  This is where people gather when they are entertaining.  Most people are preparing meals or snacks for their guests.  Some like to have fine wines while others like a good beer.  Having an outdoor kitchen bar only makes sense for some.  It is a place they will enjoy fond memories with their family and friends while sharing some food and drink.

Whatever you choose that is important in your outdoor kitchen, we can build it.  We work with homeowners to come up with a concept that will best suit their needs.  Every project is different, which is really what we love about his job.  We get to be creative and build it from the ground up.

Should you already have a deck to put your outdoor kitchen patio on, perfect!  We are happy to wire it up for the things that are needed.  Add some lighting and put together a concept that is perfect for you and your family.

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