Home Additions and ADU

Additions & ADU (Accessory dwelling unit)

Additions & ADU are an easy way to add more room to your home.  Some of us simply do not have the room that we need to completely enjoy our family.  We offer Additions & ADU services as a contractor in Palo Alto, CA.  We work with homeowners to figure out a way to get them more room. If you are struggling to pay your bills or simply want added income, ADU is a great way to do just that too.

Accessory dwelling units are used for:

Accessory dwelling units (AFU) are places that are built out for others to live in. This could mean turning your garage for example into an apartment.  It is a wonderful way to make an extra side income and make your homework for you.  Plus, you are producing more affordable housing for another person.  These units are allowed in Palo Alto CA with some certain rules and regulations which we can go over with you. We have to follow and understand the local ordinances in order to have a builder’s license. Because of this, we understand the local rules and regulations and try our best to let the homeowners know.

If you have a small shed or some other outbuilding, then you may have a little income making machine on your hands and don’t even know it.  These ADU can also be used as an Airbnb.  This style of income generation is a little more hands-on and will require more of your time. Because of this, many people use their ADU for renting monthly or using it to house their aging parents.  As our parents’ age, we have to make some pretty tough decisions.  However, if you have space in an ADU, you can have them near where you can help more.  We have helped many families with this problem and can even set up the ADU with the handicapped and elderly in mind.  Call today and let’s get started on your project!

Other ways to use additional space.

Additions & ADU are a great way to expand for your ever-growing family as well.  Kids start to get bigger and want more room or their own “hang out” space.  We get these sorts of requests all the time.  However, if you are looking for more room for the entire family turning your garage or basement into a family room could be a great addition.  We can put in an extra bathroom and make it as cozy as the rest of the home.  It certainly won’t feel like you in the garage when we are complete.

If your basement has low ceilings we may not be able to put a ceiling in.  However, we have found that painting that area in black can make it look complete and yet, doesn’t take up that added space that a drop ceiling would.  This also allows your pipes and HVAC to be exposed, which is perfect for when there is a leak or issue that needs to be resolved.  While we create more space, we want to create a beautiful usable space.  We will give you ideas for your additions and ADU things to ensure you are making the best use out of your space.

Looking for a tiny home?

We have worked with clients on additions and ADU ideas quite a bit.  It is a very popular need in the area and there are so many reasons for it.  Additions can be tied in with the home to look natural as if they have always been there.  And, your ADU doesn’t have to seem like it is done in a garage if built out well.  We also have put up small barn-like structures and turned that into a small living space.  These little living spaces can be packed with features.

Tiny homes are something that is getting ever so popular, for good reason.  Most people really don’t need a huge home and find that if they have a huge home, they simply fill it with things they don’t need.  While keeping a smaller home, there is less stuff to tend to and less money being spent on utilities.  This allows people to be able to enjoy life and have more money in their pockets to do so.

While investing in a tiny home in your backyard, keep in mind what you plan to use it for.  These ADU spaces don’t necessarily have to be home.  They could simply be a she-shed or a place for the kids to get away from their parents.  It can be used as an Airbnb or rental, with the proper plumbing added.  While she sheds and simple uses don’t need to have plumbing, it might need electrical run.  We can discuss these options and of course, we offer all these services as we have built entire first homes as well as the additions and ADU options.  We work with homeowners to ensure they get everything that they had hoped for into their build.  Sometimes this might take a little creativity, but it will happen.  Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you!

Other building services are offered.

While we do offer additions and ADU spaces we also do kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions, roofing, siding, new windows, and more.  If you can dream it, we can build it to the specifications of your liking.  If you should find yourself at a loss as to how to get an addition, we can certainly help with this as well.  We have constructed many additions and have an eye for what would look great on your home.  We work with clients to come up with a solution that will be functional and look great at the same time.

Look at what addition you can afford.

We have your goal of needing more space in mind.  It is also important that we take the time to go over what type of budget you have.  This will tell us how much space you can afford and which option might be best for you.  Keep in mind, adding additional space to your home, also means that you are adding value as well.  You could even be adding another form of income stream.  We love to hear what people have for ideas about their new space.  These additional spaces are used for all kinds of things.

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