Full House Remodeling

Full House Remodeling

Full House Remodeling can be quite a chore.  However, with the right construction company, full house remodeling can go quite smoothly.  We offer full house remodeling that is affordable yet can really take your home to a new level.  When you are looking a remodeling your whole house, most of the time, you will have to live somewhere else while the construction is underway.

However, before we even think about all of that, we should take into consideration there is a designing process, material order process and so much that needs to be done before you have to worry.  Many of your personal items will need to be removed or stored away at another location during the build as well.  We will do everything we can to ensure that your build goes smoothly and without delay.  It is important to us that you understand the entire full house remodeling process.  This is a process and it will take some patience to get through it.  However, your results will be stunning and it will be done all at one time.

Maybe you don’t yet live at home.  We do many full house remodeling projects for people that have just purchased their home and want to get it perfect for their family.  From gutting the interior walls and making the layout perfect for updating the kitchen and bath and installing new lighting, we have done it all and are happy to assist you with your full house remodeling needs.

You can do just about anything you can imagine!

The home’s structure is your empty canvas.  You can make out of it whatever you’d like.  Keeping mind that some walls are load-bearing, meaning that they are holding up the roof or second story and roof.  Those can be removed, although carefully and will have to be replaced with large beams. These beams can mean more Engineering time, approvals, and be costly in the end.  If you are on a tight budget, you might want to ask a contractor which walls are your load-bearing walls to work around them as much as possible.

No matter the budget, we can work with you.  Understanding how the budget is spent is important to stay on budget.  You might want higher-end countertops but could skimp on the lighting for now, not a problem.  Picking and choosing what to invest in now and what would be easier to replace/invest in later only makes sense.  As homes age, things such as changing out a light fixture seems to be simple enough.  However, it can really make a drastic improvement in the look of the room.  Those eye for details is exactly what you want in a contractor.

Full house remodeling could also be a restoration project.  Older home’s beauty is often covered up with wallpaper, carpet, and ugly fabric.  Taking out all of that and restoring it to its former glory is something that we take great pride in.  We work with our clients to get a feel of what type of full house remodeling project they have on their hands.  If they are looking for a restoration, a new layout, more room, and then we take it from there.  We work with all kinds of different building materials while we build out our projects and can get pretty creative as well.

Getting remodeling ideas.

If you haven’t any ideas about what you’d like done, then you should go online and do some searches.  There are all kinds of kitchen and bathroom ideas, dining room and living room as well as bedroom ideas that you can look at.  Sometimes you simply need to get some examples to get the creative juices flowing.  So, take to the internet, you will certainly find examples there.  Remember, you don’t have to do exactly as you see.  This is merely to get good ideas that you can share with your contractor.

While you are looking for examples and things you’d like to share, take note of things that you don’t like. Also, remember that someone has to clean it.  If you are not a cleaner, then intricate trim might not be a good idea, unless you plan to have a maid service.  Lighting with a lot of detail is hard to keep clean and trim and baseboards that have a ledge are also.  These are just some simple things to keep in mind.

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