A living room with a treadmill, ornate table, television, rocking chair, and a sofa.
A modern kitchen counter featuring white cabinets and a coffee maker, with a small shelf holding decorative items.
A luxury home remodel presents a modern kitchen with white cabinets, black handles, a stainless steel stove, and a black range hood.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, black handles, stainless steel appliances, a black range hood, and various kitchen gadgets on the countertop.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, black appliances, light wood flooring, and a marble island.
A bathroom with light blue walls featuring a white vanity sink, a toilet, and a shower with a curtain depicting sea turtles.
Bathroom with a turtle-themed shower curtain, white countertop with toiletries, gray cabinets, and a toilet.
A bathroom with blue walls, a white countertop, a rectangular mirror, and a sink.
A modern bathroom with light blue walls, a large mirror, light grey cabinets, marbled tile floor, and various toiletries on the countertop.
A bathroom, fresh from a luxury home remodel, features a shower curtain with a sea turtle design, a vanity with various toiletries, a towel rack adorned with blue towels, and a shelving unit displaying personal items.
A luxury home remodel bedroom with blue walls features a wooden bed, matching furniture including dressers and nightstands, grey rugs, a ceiling fan with light, and a window with plantation shutters.
A modern bedroom with light blue walls, a ceiling fan, wooden furniture, and a large bed with gray and white bedding.
A bedroom with light blue walls, a wooden bed with a patterned bedspread, two matching nightstands, and a dresser creates a cozy atmosphere.
A neatly organized walk-in closet with shelves, drawers, hanging clothes, and various items including hats and bags.
A modern bathroom features a gray vanity with mirror, a white toilet, a walk-in shower with a grab bar, and gray tile flooring.
A modern bathroom with a gray vanity, a countertop sink, a wall-mounted towel, a small rug, a toilet, and a shelving unit containing various toiletries and supplies.
A modern bathroom, expertly designed through home remodeling services, features a walk-in shower with grab bars, a bench, and an adjustable shower head.
A modern bathroom with a gray vanity, white countertop, stainless steel faucet, mirror, and various toiletries.
A cozy living room with a green sectional sofa, a TV on a stand, a cat tree, and a stack of board games.

San Lorenzo Full Home Remodel

Project Description

This home remodel features an open space kitchen, new bathrooms, and new walls and floors. This house was burnt completely in a fire, and we came to save the day. We combined modern amenities with personalized touches, ensuring a comfortable and stylish living environment.