A modern kitchen featuring a stainless steel oven, stove, and white cabinets.
A modern kitchen featuring white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, a range hood, wooden floor, and a central island with a plant on top.
A modern kitchen features a stainless steel stove, gray cabinets with gold accents, a kitchen island with curved detailing, and a wooden floor.
Bright, modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, white cabinetry, wooden floors, and a white kitchen island with a vase of greenery.
A bathroom with two mirrors above a double sink vanity.
A luxury home bathroom featuring a glass-enclosed shower, a double vanity with blue cabinets, two mirrors, and wall-mounted lights above each sink.
A white bathtub is centered against a wall with a black and white geometric tile pattern.
A lit wall light fixture with a clear glass shade, mounted on a silver base, against a textured white wall with a leaf pattern.
A close-up view of a lit, circular lamp with a chrome base, emitting a warm, glowing light.
Close-up of a bathroom countertop featuring polished chrome faucets and a white sink, against a textured tiled wall, with a mirror and wall-mounted lights in the background.
A bathroom vanity perfect for your home remodel, featuring a blue cabinet, white marble countertop, and sleek faucet fixtures.
A modern shower with glass doors, a rain showerhead, marble-style walls, and a window providing natural light.
A modern bathroom with a blue vanity, white countertop, large mirror, wall sconces, a white toilet, and a towel rack.
A bathroom sink with running water, featuring a white marble countertop and a modern black faucet with silver accents.
Bathroom vanity with fish-scaled patterned backsplash, a rectangular mirror, two wall-mounted light fixtures, a white countertop, and a metal faucet and towel bar.
Modern bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower featuring a marble wall, a wall-mounted toilet, a wooden vanity with a white sink, gold fixtures, an oval mirror, and wooden wall accents.
Modern bathroom with large marble tiles, glass-enclosed shower, wall-mounted toilet, wooden vanity with sink, built-in shelving, and brass fixtures.
Modern bathroom with a wall-mounted toilet, a wooden vanity featuring two drawers, a white sink, and a large oval mirror under elegant pendant lighting.
A modern bathroom with wood panel walls, marble countertop, and brass features.
A polished bronze faucet with dual handles is installed over a white sink against a wood panel wall background, showcasing the elegance achievable through home remodeling services.
A modern bathroom features a wall-mounted sink with wooden drawers, an oval mirror, a toilet with dual flush buttons, marble floor tiles, and a sconce light beside the mirror.
A brass showerhead is mounted on a wall featuring a multicolored, marble-patterned tile design with shades of gray, white, and orange.

Palo Alto Full Home Remodel

Project Description

We executed a full home remodel, enhancing the kitchen and bathrooms with elegant, classic touches. The kitchen features intricate cabinetry, while the bathrooms boast luxurious finishes and modern fixtures.